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TEH: Traditional European Healing

TEH: Traditional European Healing

The Traditional European Healing society seeks to unearth a valuable asset, the traditional healing knowledge in the Salzburger Saalachtal. In the last few years a significant range of knowledge has been accrued. This old knowledge is now being shared and tuned to modern requirements. Through various training opportunities the Saalachtalers are learning about the traditional healing methods of the region so that they can bring them to life for the guests.

There is a complete range of TEH products, which meet the highest quality criteria, including ointments, liniments, baths oils, teas and other interesting and beneficial natural products. We rediscover what our ancestors knew long ago. Traditional remedies and much more wait you.

Ointments, cremes, herbal teas have been collected together after consultation with many elderly people who have not forgotten their knowledge.

The TEH society has taken it as their mission to treasure the old healing knowledge and combine this with modern thinking.

Enjoy with every one of your senses. Taste, smell, touch and sight are all stimulated and this provides an exceptional sense of well-being.

In the coming year we will begin to be a TEH company. We will be incorporating many elements, such as regional cuisine and cooking with fresh herbs and ingredients from the region, that not only taste good but also have an effect on the body.

We are a certified TEH company.


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