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Guided Tours

Guided Tours


Tours with the bike guides.

We enjoy great tours in the border area of Salzburg, Tirol and Bavaria. We and our local bike guides know the region best and we can adjust the tour to suit your ability. The rides stretch out in all directions. You can always enjoy new views of valleys and peaks. We can master gradients of more than 30 % and technically difficult single trails so that nothing stands in the way of your peak bagging!

We cherish our newcomers to mountain biking. Our area is well-suited for bikers who don’t have much mountain experience already. It is a challenge for us and great to see how even the most sceptical beginners become enthusiastic bikers and how much they can achieve in one week.

Yours, Bernhard Flatscher


When guided tours have not been paid for a part of a package, we charge € 35,00 per person per guided tour.



On our tours we place special emphasis on safety so that all tour participants return home healthy. The tours are aimed at the ability of the participants. Our goal is, that all in the group can complete the tour and that yet no-one is short-changed. We would like to show you how much fun biking is and show you our wonderful landscape. We and our local guides have a lot of stories to tell you. Enjoy regional delicacies with a stop off at a hut.

We wish to create a great group atmosphere where people get to know one other and in the evening recount the day’s events over a beer.



We offer 4 guided tours in 2 ability groups in the week.

We can offer more tours on request!

Groups: For groups we organize completely independent tours.



Before we begin there is a short introduction and a check of the bike and equipment. The route of the tour will be described and shown on the map. Look forward to stop-off and rest at a traditional hut. Of course on route there are always short stops to admire the landscape.


Ability groups:

With a questionnaire we try to divide the groups appropriately. The more information we receive from you about your biking ability and experience, the better we can plan the tours.


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