Gföll 28
A-5091 Unken

   +43 6589 42 65

Biken in Unken


Our Bike Basics


Facilities in our guesthouse especially for bikers: You can count on:


Bike Garage:
Our bike garage is always locked and offers sufficient space and bike storage facilities for all bikes. Bicycle locks are available to borrow.

Bike Workshop
The bike workshop is located in the bike garage. We have tools, a bicycle pump and a workbench in the workshop. There is also a compressor and some replacement parts. For larger repairs, Martin’s Bike shop is available - he is a super bike mechanic.

Bike Stands:
These are located in front of the house and in the garage.

Bike Cleaning Area:
This is located in front of the bike garage. Brushes and towels are also on hand.

Laundry Service and Drying room
We offer a laundry service for cycling clothing and this is included in the packages. Aside from this we reckon on € 2,00 per person. Cycling clothing and shoes can be dried in our drying room.

Snacks and drinks
on tour are included in the packages and consists of a muesli snack and an electrolyte drink. We have a large selection for you to choose from.


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