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Biken in Unken

Our cycling guides

Short portraits of our guides


Bernhard, the “wirt” of Friedlwirt.

Servus! Hello! I’m Bernhard, your host at Friedlwirt and an enthusiastic biker. I am the 6th generation of my family to run the guesthouse Friedlwirt and know a lot about the country and people. Among my interests is local history. I’ve been out and about in the mountains for as long as I can remember so I know most of the mountain peaks and have a lot of stories to tell. On my tours, safety is very important and I’m also always happy to answer your questions about biking technique.

Of course fun is also really important. I love biking up very steep uphills but let’s not forget the joy of riding a beautiful trail. Let’s also enjoy delicious food at the various great huts.

Together with my Bike Guide Team, we would like to show you our region. There are lots of things to discover! Johannes has been on board a few years and my sister Eva began accompanying us on tours last year. This year my wife Monika will also be joining in.


Johannes, our Bavarian guide

“My name is Johannes but on tour I’m called “Hannes”. I’ve ridden a “Radl” (as we call a bike in our region) since childhood. Here in the mountains you will inevitably be confronted with mountain biking! I began biking properly 7 years ago and 5 years ago, I began mountain bike training with the German Alpine Club and in the following year I completed it successfully. Around the same time I began to lead my first bike tours for the Friedlwirt. I am and have always been open to nearly all types of sports that biking offers, from racing uphill to the bike park. My favourite biking ground at the moment is the Reichenhall area, around the Thumsee and Aschauer Sattel. Here you can either ride on trails all day or improve your condition on the countless forest tracks. On tour, I hope that I can share the flow of the trails with you. And don’t forget, “Stay loose, let rip and smile”.



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